At Fire Ant Design Co., we work with our customers to meet their tastes and requirements. Through our expertise, we help each client to create the perfect combination of form and function that fit’s their dream vision.

Our services include:

Space Planning

We provide quality services that include the layout of the furniture, designs, integrations, and custom layout designs.


We provide both small and large-scale renovations to help you create your ideal space that meets your vision and budget.

Project purchase and sourcing

From home renovation requires to appliances, furniture, fabric, and window coverings; we will do the work for you and find the best items that will enhance your home. We will help you through designer-guided shopping trips that include trade-only showrooms, retail shops, estate sales, and flea markets.

Design Consultation

Want to refresh your home? Our personal style consulting includes styling and accessorizing the home through items and furniture purchases. We also provide storage and organizational solutions that help provide the best options and maximize your home space.

Customize Furniture Design

Want to create a unique piece that you can’t find elsewhere? We will create individual furniture items for your home’s kitchens, bedrooms, bath, and cabinetry.

Color Consultations

Need help choosing the right fabrics, art, paint, and accessories that will fit your space? We will guide you through the process and create modules of the perfect color combinations.

Are you ready to get started with your interior design services? Give us a call and let’s get started today!