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Top 5 Tile Trends to Try in Your Home for 2017

One of the best ways to give your home a new update is through fresh tiles and stones. That is why the best interior designers head out to the annual Covering show to catch up on all the latest tile trends. If you are looking for the next tile trend to follow, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the top 5 tile trends to try in your home for 2017.

Thin & Long

The narrow and straight laid tiles are among the top hits of the year. The longer it was, the better the tiles look. Some are made to look like wood while others offered fun patterns with different lay patterns. Imagine chevron or herringbone.

Big Slabs

More companies are looking to improve their prints and there’s one way to do it: big slabs! This trend is a marble and stone look with limestones or onyx. However, you can also see this trend on wood patterns as well.

Textile Linens

This tiles trend is about a linen feel. Most companies are introducing this trend in taupe and grays and even a light blue for a change. You will see many designers where the textile linens are coordinated with wood. They will almost feel like wallpaper as some offer fun prints for an airy room.

Blue Tiles

As blue is a major color trend this year, it is no wonder why we’re seeing blue tiles all over. From furnishings to walls, we’re not finding it at tiles and coverings in a stronger, darker shade.

Ultra-Rustic Barn Look

If you haven’t already noticed, many tile manufacturers are embracing this rustic trend by using various color combinations. This trend is even used as an accent wall. However, this trend might not last as long as you might expect.

With so many trends and choices to consider, it is no wonder why these top 5 trends are making a big hit on the market.

What’s your favorite tile trend? Comment below and let us know!

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Top 5 Home Interior Color Trends for 2017

When it comes to the elements of design in interior decorating, colors are essential in choosing the theme for the home. From eye-catching deep blue tones to pops of pink, this year’s color trends are hitting the home interior market. So what are the hottest colors in interior design this year? Find out below and discover the most popular shades for the year.

Here are the top home interior color trends for 2017.


As the 2017 Color of the Year, Green is spotted everywhere from fashion to furniture and everything in between. The Forest Green shade is also the most popular shade as blue – green – and orange accents make up the perfect color combination you’d want in a millennial household.

Red & Pink Shades

For a feminine touch, keep up with the vibrant tones. Red is highly favorable this year as it gives spaces and elegant velvety touch. As for pink shades, the rose quartz shade is ultra-feminine and will provide the perfect accent to natural lighting.


Shades of teal and blue were part of the 2016 color trend. However, other shades of blue, especially indigo blue still remain as a popular trend. It’s needless to say that many interior designers have claimed that feeling blue isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The ocean colors help highlight the accents of the home with just a slight touch of drama. If you want to take a light risk, go with summery blue shades like aqua for a sophisticated style that looks amazing with dark floors.


If you want to give your home a burst of energy, Orange is trendy shade will look great with leather finishes and white tiles.

Dusty yellow

The bright yellow shade invites visitors to the room with bright accent pieces. Even a single soft yellow table will create more energy a mute room with boring walls.

What home interior color trends you planning to incorporate into your home? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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