Established in 1999, Fire Ant Design Co. is among the top interior design firms with projects across the nation. We are a team of professional interior designers with passion and talent to guide you through your next home design project. We work timely to flawlessly execute your project as we take pride in creating luxurious homes no matter what they budget may be.

Here at Fire Ant Design Co., we understand the specific needs, quality, and budget to work with. As each client starts with a personalized concept, we work with them to create a strong strategy that works with their individual style.

Our mission is to create sophisticated spaces with rich personality and style. By collaborating with our clients, our team of designers remains true to our clients’ reflection and unique lifestyles.

We use our advanced knowledge and professional experience in the field of interior design to work with our clients through the entire process of interior decoration, remodeling, construction, and finishing. Our team works to collaborate throughout the entire process to deliver quality and authentic style that your clients can identify with.

If you’re looking for a unique design solution for your home, Fire Ant Design Co. brings a strong presence and experience in interior design and project management based on your needs.